The Red Flag Canal

The Red Flag Canal was a miracle created by Linzhou people with spirit of "self-reliance, hard work, self-reliance, innovation, unity, cooperation, and selfless dedication" in Mao's era. The 1500 km-length red flag canal, ended a long drought and miserable history of Linzhou.


  Red Flag Canal Scenic Area is located at the junction of three provinces of Shanxi. Henan Province,Henan wing Forest City. from the national historical and cultural city, “seven dynasties” Anyang only 50 kilometers, is a national key scenic spots; national AAAA level tourist area; national primary and secondary education in patriotism base; national patriotism education bases; national Water Conservancy Scenic Area; national key cultural relics protection units; national Geopark; national Youth Civilization; China red Tourism;Chinese tourism brands.
  In a 'male beauty most wins at the North' line too, like the world-famous artificial Milky blue .ribbon winding canal during.The large amount of its engineering, works hard, irrigated area is wide, works of high aesthetic value, called miracles, forming the world's unique canal scenery. Hongqiqu golden tourist route from youth hole scenic and Hongqiqu Memorial (watershed Court) .composed of natural and artificial beauty education landscape landscaping decorating ShengJi two kinds of perfect combination of factors to achieve a 'male who more male, insurance were more risks 'aesthetic heights Here for sightseeing, you can get your sentiment mold, morale was encouraged by the shock soul, the spirit and soul, a taste of Mao Zedong's 'people, and the people alone, the power to create the world history' of the essence.
  Red's education, green scenery. the canal this unique tourism resources, belongs to all mankind. Listen King than to see King, got IL Friends, to Hongqiqu Come! To appreciate that stunning exquisite miracles, to appreciate that male risk Qixiu Taihang scenery!
  Youth hole in the picturesque Taihang waist, built on the cliffs above, floating in the clouds, and is the canal hydraulic structures and the natural landscape combined with the most sophisticated of the lot, but also the most difficult construction of the .canal area, meandering canal water .,is quite spectacular. More Zemin, Li Xiannian, Guo and other leaders inscription carved stone embellished the mountain elegance. Hung on the mountainside of the canal, like an echoing .canyon in Taihang symphony, forceful; called 'Taihang a unique' and 'Sky' secluded deep; Buyun across the bridge between two mountains, universally fleeting; mountain slide, easy to stimulate; cliffs cliff, sigh for the behavior. Youth cave, yachts crossed, you can enjoy the taste of the 'Milky boating' a unique feeling Spring trees, autumn and leaves the mountain climb overlooking the panoramic view of the three provinces.
  1960s the Earth has added a blue ribbon. the Taihang Mountains Jingxian an artificial Milky Way,Hongqiqu like the backbone of the Chinese people. in the vast land of relief, but Just rs a monument of indomitable spirit, causing the world attention, cool canal water flowing rain endless story. When the Taihang today Canruo brocade, flooded old mountains gunfire. but it is left to the people in this endless reveries As the invisible becomes vsible, becomes lodged in the hide appearing to expand the canal watershed Yuan became the basis Hongqiqu Memorial. Museum by the Office of the sequence, dry history Taihang Zhuangge (up next), today the canal, loving .care and film exhibition hall and other components.There are canals and artifacts on display when, emplaced 210 precious historical pictures the exhibition line length 316 m, more video room all day scrolling classic record card 'canal' allowing you to pursue that unforgettable years Greatest miracle, breathtaking views the eternal spirit immortal epic.Visit Hongqiqu Memorial, will give you unforgettable memories.
  There is a unique canyon scenery, more magical legend. Here the river from the canyon cliff plunging into the lake, such as white Ma Yulong, roaring rolled and crashed into Lake reelin meters water depth. Especially in the summer rainy season the water surge, drop .canyon. if the sound of thunder, its potential like a Hukou Waterfall, spectacular. Canyon shelves a bridge, wing Unicom Henan provinces, the name flyover. Jiuxiao Buyun. Side view of Fei Liu turbulent, overlooking the ravine secluded lake, rainbow fly unlimited. Canyon south torrent winnowed out natural cave, a depth of one hundred meters, gods, smiling down along the spiral staircase, direct access to turtle hole.


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Youth Cave

Taihang Mountain Grand Canyou is within the boundary of Shibanyan Township,Linzhou City of Hennan Province which locaes in the northwest of Hennan province and the east of South Taihang Mountian.

International Gliding Base

In golden autumn,athletes from all over the world gather the Mt.Linlv International Gliding Base which it's an “Asia Top and World First-class”gliding base.